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Best Chinese seafood restaurant in Zetland on staple Chinese sauces that you should know

There are a few staple sauces that are widely used in Chinese cuisine. Read on to find out more!

Remember the red, sweet and savory barbeque pork that many of us love? The sauce that we can immediately associate with Chinese barbeque is the Char Siu Sauce. It is a very popular sauce back in the southern part of China. Just like the barbeque pork, the sauce is salty and sweet. Wonder what is in the sauce? It comprises about six condiments and sauces – soy sauce, vinegar, chili, garlic, sugar and the ‘five spicy’ powder. Char Siu sauce is your number choice for chicken wings and ribs, of course not forgetting the Char Siu pork.

Followed by the amazing Char Siu sauce, we have the oyster sauce! Yes, oyster sauce, the one we always have with our vegetables. It is saltier compared to Char Siu sauce and it does consist of oyster extracts. This sauce is a favourite in Guangdong Cuisine.

We also have the ‘hoisin’ sauce, which translates to seafood sauce. It is slightly reddish brown in colour and is popular in the Guangdong cuisine as well. Interestingly, ‘hoisin’ sauce does not contain seafood, instead it is made from soybeans, garlic and Chinese spices.

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