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Valentine's Day fun facts by best Chinese restaurant in Zetland

It is the most romantic time of the year! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What are you planning to do on that special day? Doesn’t matter if you are attached or single, it is a day to celebrate love. Here are some fun facts about 14th Feb:

On 14th Feb, over seventy percent of the sales of flowers are made by males annually. Red roses are the most common choice of flowers because it represents love. Whose favourite flower is that? It is the Roman goddess of love, Venus.

Ever wondered when people started giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day? It has been more than 140 years! This “trend” started, or rather tradition, started in 1868.

Another interesting fact for the singles out there, especially ladies! On average, there are about 120 single men who are never married, widowed or divorced in their 20s for every 100 single women at the same age.

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