With the introduction of East Phoenix, Sydney’s Largest Chinese Restaurant Group, Phoenix Restaurants, are proud to announce the opening of our newest restaurant. For more news visit our what's on page. 

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A yum cha feast at the best restaurant in Zetland

Being Sydney’s favourite yum cha restaurant group, Phoenix serves up the freshest, juiciest and hottest yum cha in Sydney. So what can a day at yum cha look like?


Well you could start off with some piping hot spring rolls as well as some fried prawn dumplings.


Then you could move onto some of the yum cha favourites, steamed prawn dumplings, shu mai and maybe even some steamy BBQ pork buns.


From there, some hearty dishes such as our beautiful and crispy deep fried calamari with a serving of our Steamed Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce could be on the menu for you!


Now at this stage you’re probably close to done, so it’s time to look out for the dessert trolley. Phoenix’s signature dessert is our mouth-watering and “large” mango pancakes. With a mango and cream filling, this will ensure you finish off your meal in true Phoenix style.


As one of Zetland’s favourite restaurants and lunchtime destinations, come on down to East Phoenix for your yum cha delights.